My name is Amanda and I have been a seeker my whole life. Through my own journey, I discovered that the things we're often told to seek - money, status, material wealth – can leave us feeling empty. Like so many others, I worked diligently to acquire these things and thought that once I did, I would find peace and fulfillment. I believed that the things I needed to live a life that I loved existed outside of myself. What I found was the opposite. 

After years of striving to attain more and chasing my idea of success, I looked around and discovered that the life I’d built left me feeling empty. The things I acquired made me no happier and the person I had become along the way was a stranger to me. I had battled anxiety and depression before, but this time was different. It felt as though I could no longer participate in the life I had built. I no longer fit in it. 


During this time, I questioned my definition of health and success, and examined what I was feeding my body, mind and spirit. I realized that the things I had been consuming at all levels were harming me and that so many of the symptoms I was experiencing were a result of my diet, lifestyle and conditioning. Changing how I fueled myself was a catalyst to changing my life. What I found left me inspired, changed my outlook on life and health, and set me on a journey of healing. I returned home to myself and it's now my ambition to help others do the same. 

So, what is it you seek?


Through Seeker Holistics, I strive to share what I've learned and assist others on their own journey to unlock joy and vitality. Self-evolution can come in many forms - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - and all of these areas are deeply interconnected. Growth in one area will naturally spill over and encourage other areas to grow. 


I invite you to join me on this journey of healing and growth. Perhaps you’ll find what you’ve been seeking, too.​​

With love and gratitude,